28 years is a lot of events, and a lot of firsts…

RSP, the small and nimble boutique events company with a long history in Asia has a solution for you

We helped Cartier stage their first Asian exhibitions, and were involved in the first Hong Kong Establishment Day (called “the handover” back then!). We made dinner & started the party when Karl Lagerfeld staged his fashion parade on the Great Wall. We’ve wined and dined world leaders with discretion and socialites with publicity. We’re the people wealthy individuals call when they’re having a celebration. We’ve helped launch products to consumers and brands introduce themselves to Asia and we’ve had access to venues our competition could only dream of.

Roger Sansom

Whatever kind of hospitality or show you need or however you want to entertain your guests—RSP, the small and nimble boutique events company with a history in Asia has a solution for you.

So How Did it Start?

Roger Sansom (The RS in Productions!) spent his youth back-stage in London’s West-End. Opera, Ballet, Panto, Musicals and TV, he was there learning his craft and inspiring his mind. Until he was recruited to Asia. It’s his long experience combined with passions for music and food that stimulates the creativity and the expertise with the networks to carry it off that add up to events which immerse and delight your guests.

The method in our madness, means you get the best creativity in the business supported with premium quality production and management that runs with instant fixes for inevitable glitches from an unflappable team.

The RS Family

Roger, as the Creative Director takes the role seriously. It helps set RSP apart. He personally takes a view of your event as a whole, with a complete vision. He is of course the daddy in our Family of Creative Professionals. The long-standing team of freelance professionals who keep RSP nimble—unencumbered with the things that slow bigger companies down.

So while we don’t boast a huge team with offices all over Asia, we believe our family of highly skilled, very experienced professionals bound together with the RSP glue come together to produce some of the best experiences in the world.



For years, Roger Sansom has regularly been asked the same question by the the media: “What does it take to make a successful event?”. Here are a selection of features in which Roger has answered this important question.

Journey Through Time
Micenet, November 2010
Roger Sansom
The Peak, 1992

To see video footage of RSP events in the press, check our playlists on our YouTube Channel.